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Professional Supervisor: Susan Marcuccio

Susan is an experienced Professional/Pastoral Supervisor, a recognised Supervisor/Supervisor Trainer with Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS) and a member of Transforming Practices. She is also a Board Member, Membership Coordinator and Chair of Training Standards for AAOS. Susan specializes in the provision of supervision to supervisors, pastors, leaders, chaplains and pastoral carers as well as allied health professionals. Susan is also an advocate and researcher in the area of supervision with a passion to see all those in the helping professions receive quality non-judgmental confidential support, and engage in transformational learning.

Master of Arts, Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision (Clinical) (Pastoral), Diploma of Vocational Education & Training.

Individual and group supervision in NSW – Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle. Skype & Zoom also available nationally. Other locations by appointment. 

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