New Perspectives in Supervision by Susan Marcuccio 

In New Perspectives in Supervision you will find Practical Models, Tools and Resources for Supervisors, Mentors and Chaplains

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What people are saying about the book 'New Perspectives in Supervision':

"I have read many books on supervision, but I believe yours is one of the more user friendly.  I am so thankful for your wisdom, and that you have written it all down!  This book is humble, emotionally intelligent, diligent, creative and enormously practical. A gift to the supervision world.  In my opinion, you have done more in 291 pages than many grandiloquent scholars."

Sarah Balogh, Senior Psychologist, Head of Pastoral Supervision (Consultation) Development

"New Perspectives in Supervision should be an essential book for those in training, but also for anyone who is a supervisor who needs fresh tools or wants to understand why they need to get a supervisor to help them go the long journey. As a Professional Supervisor, I have done most of my training and PD sessions with Susan and have found her to be practical, engaging and passionate to help people in this space." 

Ps Chris Smith, Supervisor and State Secretary

"Susan is an insightful, enthusiastic and creative teacher and supervisor.  I have often heard students and colleagues alike beg her to write down her many creative and engaging insights (and all her wonderful models, tools and resources), and I am delighted that she has finally done that!"

Dinah Eades Buchanan, Clinical Supervisor, Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director and Educator

"Susan's ability to transform supervision theory into creative models and tools that facilitate a reflective space for those in pastoral work is nothing short of inspirational. As someone who has experienced the practical empowerment of her presentations, and enrichment in supervision through use of her models and tools, I am excited that her work is finally in print!"

Ps Leeanne Cameron, Chaplain, Pastor, Professional Supervisor

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